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  1. Isn’t the Fels Naptha soap known as a harsh soap? Have u used this on fine delicates, with what results? Maybe it’s just me being paranoid, but when I read the word “Naptha” I had visions of my delicates falling to pieces! :-(

    • From my understanding, Fels Naptha is normal strength laundry soap–some people even use it by itself to wash clothes :) we’ve never had any problems with it destroying things, but maybe just to be safe, do a test with a delicate you aren’t too concerned about first.

    • I have used a very similar recipe for several years on everything (cloth diapers, curtains, unmentionables) and haven’t had any issues with things being degraded by the soap, even over time! Plus, it gets the grease stains and everything else out of my hubby’s clothes and the grass and chocolate and ketchup out of the kids. I also work at a vet’s office and it has taken all the stains out of my scrubs, including blood. This stuff is AMAZING!!

  2. hello, I have been using a dry recipe similar to this but with more ingredients. I love it but this seems much more simple. How much boiling water do you add?

  3. you say that you need 2 mason jars do you cut the recipe in two or you put the full amount of the recipe in each jar..thankz:)

  4. I just made four jars of this. It was very easy! I use my immersion blender instead of a regular blender since I didn’t have the kind you mentioned. It worked great. Thanks

  5. This is my FAVORITE recipe for laundry soap!!!!! I have tried a fewand now i have found that THIS IS THE ONE!!! Thank you so much for posting this!!! My hubby clothes needed some extra umph so I make a special batch for him with his own smell and one for my daughter and I! I also wanted to say that zote has a great smell without using anything else instead of the fels naptha. I have mixed them as well in the same batch and ITS AWSOME!!!

  6. ooops I forgot- I make it in used ice cream containers and the water on the third steo is about 1/4 of a cup I believe. It is a little messier but i have broken a few jars doing laundry :(

    • She posted in the remarks if you have a HE washer A K a front loader to put a tablespoon of detergent with the clothes in clothes compartment. Also it does mention about how much water do you use, just click next page.

  7. Thanks for this! I have been thinking I should make my own! How long does this last? I mean if I wanted to make up a big batch at once? I guess I could make it up and then give some away as gifts! Now to find all these ingredients in Canada…

  8. Thank you for posting this! Our machine is a HE top loader that performs/operates like a front loader so I put the detergent right in the barrel along with the laundry. However when the load was done, the scoop of soap wasn’t dissolved at all and stuck to the inside of the machine. I also noticed only about half of the clothes smelled like the detergent. Should I make sure to put the scoop at the BOTTOM of the load first…meaning put the scoop in and put the clothes on top?

  9. I just started cloth disappearing (on our third, expecting the 4th in October. Better late than never, right?). I’ve used a homemade powder recipe in the past and felt like the clothes faded faster. I’m excited to give this a try! PS I’m on a mobile device and your Keep Reading/Next Page/Ads are a little out of control!

  10. My mixture didn’t jell enough I guess so it was very lumpy. I tried heating it back up and will try to mix it again. I don’t have a hand mixer so I used a stand mixer. How well do I need to wash the item I used? I washed them with hot water and soap and then ran them through the dish washer.

  11. Hi There,

    Thanks so much for sharing. Looking forward to the results! Question: When you use essential oils for fragrance, at what point do you add them in, and how much per jar?

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